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Chinese Canadian National Council

London, Ontario



Join us online February 12, 2022

Pomp and pageantry, London's annual ceremonial splendour dimmed its lights in 2021 as a COVID preventive measure. The magnificent event attracted crowds of more than 600 at the RBC Place/Convention Centre and raised money for different charity partners every year. Resilient we are in this recovery from the pandemic, volunteers and sponsors are already at the drawing board to plan next year's event. We hope to see you online at the Dragon Gala 2022.

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Up until the pandemic, the CCNC Seniors Group has been the most frequent user of the Chinese Cultural Centre. Senior Wednesdays are a regular event on our calendar. Our inspirational senior members brought and shared food, enjoyed the company of each other and learn new things together in life. We will resume this important engagement once life returns to normal.

40th anniversary 

Community education 

London witnessed a spate of unfortunate events with anti-Asian undertones in 2021 and 2022. The issue, caused by a few bad actors, had impacted many in the community. CCNC adopts a zero-tolerance position countering these hatred sentiments with diversity and inclusion. We celebrate our uniqueness while promoting our sense of belongingness in the London community. As a result, we are planning a spate of activities, including London Shares 2021, a COVID Recovery Online Concert and a series of educational events to promote the inclusive attributes of empowerment, accountability, courage and humility in diversity and inclusion.

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United we stand!


Interest groups 

Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese tradition, is practiced today as a graceful form of exercise. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. The Tai Chi Group is one of several CCNC volunteer-run interest groups. Other groups include the Lion Dance Team, Photography, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, Chess, the CCNC Choir and the Chinese Ensemble.

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Join our interest groups for fun and knowledge!


Grow our own food 

CCNC is embarking on a joint venture with the London Food Bank. The food bank will supply a greenhouse and the equipment to be installed at the CCNC Chinese Cultural Centre. The greenhouse allows CCNC members to grow their favourite produce as a hobby as well as providing a source of fresh food for the London Food Bank. Join the part-time farming team.

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Feed yourselves and others!

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