CCNC Successfully Held Mid-Autumn Festival

Some 80 CCNC members and guests celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival in the evening of September 16, 2017 in accordance to Chinese customs.  It was an evening of fun-filled performances, delicious mooncakes, traditional lantern riddles and hearty karaoke.  

Following a brief introduction from the 2 emcees, Qi Hui and Landon Hang, the program began with a video about the legend of Mid-Autumn Festival: the story of Chang ’e (嫦娥奔月) as told through the eyes of a  young Singapore girl.  This was followed by a wonderful Guzheng solo rendition of “Fragrance Jasmine”, ably performed by the talented 15-year-old Tina of the Chinese EnsembleHer magical fingers created a beautiful melody that transported the audience into a world of fragrances.  The Chinese Choir offered the very popular “The Moon stands for my heart” (月亮代表我的心), followed by the “Ascending Moon” (半个月亮爬上来).  Continuing with the theme, Zheng Wang praised the moon with the classic “Longing for the Moon” (望月).   The performances concluded with a trans-generational double act from Stephen (senior) and his grandson, Stephen (junior) when they performed “Just fond of you” (偏偏喜欢你).  Their playful duet has set a new tone for future performers.


During the break, Volunteers served mooncakes, pork buns, fruits and other snacks to the happy guests while they mingled and connected with one another.  Audience participation brought the evening to an end by guessing lantern riddles and singing Karaoke. 

In a small way, the traditional festivities have helped to remind us of our culture and heritage while we are far away from our native homeland. 

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