Relocation Survey Report

We conducted a survey about our relocation plan during the last two months. We tried to reach as much our members as possible through different approaches (emails, mails, phone calls). We received more than 100 results at last. Here is the report of the survey:


Relocation Survey Report


Total participants: 101

(Note: In multiple choices’ questions, percentage numbers add up more than 100%)


Q1: Have you ever participated in any of the CCNC’s events/activities in the past 12 months?                     

Total answers: 94                                                             

64/94=68.1% chose “Yes”

30/94=31.9% chose “No”


Q2: If not, can you tell us the reason why you did not participate in our events?

Total answers: 47    

5/47=10.6% chose “The events are not interesting”

34/47=72.3% chose “The location is not convenient”

2/47=4.3% chose “Never received any newsletter or emails from CCNC”

7/47=14.9% chose “Others”


Q3: If CCNC is relocated to a centralized location where public transit is available, would you attend the events/activities more often?

Total answers: 95

80/95=84.2% chose “Yes”

6/95=6.3% chose “No”

6/95=6.3% chose “No”

9/95=9.5% chose “Others”


Q4: Would you prefer the Centre to be in a more accessible location? If yes, where?

Total answers: 90

13/90=14.4% chose “Near White Oaks Mall”

29/90=32.2% chose “Near Westmount Mall”

39/90=43.3% chose “Near Masonville Mall”

23/90=25.6% chose “Downtown”


Q5: What events/activities would you like CCNC to have more often in the future? (Choose all applicable).

Total answers: 89

37/89=41.6% chose “Members’ Night (Karaoke Night)”

41/89=46.1% chose “Halloween/Christmas Parties”

52/89=58.4% chose “Senior gatherings”

36/89=40.4% chose “Others”


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